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Len Adam


Len Adam


2018 Nov 07 - 04:15


2018 Nov 07 - 06:09


McNeil's variable nebula

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 05h46m
Dec: +00°01'
Position angle: -83°06'

Field size

0°46' × 0°33'

  • SBIG ST9XE + 8-inch RC + MyT

180 seconds


Just outside Albox, Almeria , Spain

Target name

Not McNeil's Nebula


Image 2: Today - McNeil's Disappearing Nebula

About this image

Having seen Nick Hewitt's BAA Bulletin email about the disappearance of McNeil's Nebula I used my 8 inch RC telescope and SBIG 9XE camera this morning to image M78 and the surrounding area. (3 minute unguided exposure). The image clearly shows that McNeil's Nebula (See Image 1 to the right - the image I took in 2016) has disappeared. See the details on the BAA website here https://britastro.org/node/16309

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Nick Hewitt
Nick Hewitt, 2018 Nov 07 - 20:25 UTC

Hi Len

great response. Please send me the uncompressed image 




Rupert / Astrograph Ltd
Rupert / Astrograph Ltd, 2018 Nov 09 - 19:19 UTC

Hi Len, I took an image myself looking for it and can confirm its just faded but still there.

Len Adam
Len Adam, 2018 Nov 15 - 09:16 UTC

Rupert - I will keep a close watch on it - the weather has been poor here recently!

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