Observation by Mike Scarisbrick: Mars and Neptune

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Mike Scarisbrick


Mike Scarisbrick


2018 Dec 07 - 18:30


2018 Dec 27 - 14:55



  • 1000 mm f.l. f/5 Newtonian
  • Atik GP camera
  • x2.7 Barlow (for Mars)


Target name

Mars, Neptune


Mars and Neptune

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Mars and Neptune about 7 arc minutes apart. In the main picture Mars is grossly overdone, and looks a lot bigger than Neptune, in fact the apparent disk size of Mars is only about 4 times bigger than Neptune.

It was in reality far too windy (with poor seeing even when the gusts weren't rattling the telescope) to attempt to image Mars, so the inset top right is a poor image of Mars at 2.7 times the original magnification - and then with the image size doubled. Both images produced from video by Registax 6 (Mars just 70 frames out of 1600), with the main image processed in Astro Art 6 with just histogram changes to brighten Neptune up a bit.

Later, after about 15 minutes standing outside with shaking arms and three pairs of binoculars, I decided it was far too windy to be looking for Comet 46P/Wirtanen,

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David Swan
David Swan, 2018 Dec 27 - 21:37 UTC

This is very nice, Mike. You captured the colour and brightness contrasts well.

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