Observation by Peter Meadows: Asteroid 6478 (Gault)

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Peter Meadows


Peter Meadows


2019 Jan 15 - 17:22


2019 Jan 16 - 20:46


6478 Gault

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Field centre

RA: 10h48m
Dec: -12°42'
Position angle: -87°12'

Field size

0°10' × 0°09'

  • iTelescope T31
Target name

Asteroid 6478 (Gault)


Asteroid 6478 (Gault)

About this image

As described on www.spaceweather.com for 15th and 16th January 2019, asteroid 6478 (Gault) now has a tail thought to have originated through a recent collision (see this website for further details).  The image was taken using remote iTelescope T31 at Siding Spring, Australia. The image size is 20' by 20' and a single 4 minute exposure.  The Minor Planet Center gives a current magnitude of 18.6 and a peak brightness of 17.5 in early March. It is currently located in northern Hydra before moving north into Sextans (south of Regulus in Leo).

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