Observation by Len Adam: IC 410 first light image.

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Len Adam


Len Adam


2019 Feb 04 - 22:45


2019 Feb 06 - 10:38



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Field centre

RA: 05h22m
Dec: +33°23'
Position angle: +0°21'

Field size

0°36' × 0°26'

  • Paramount MyT
  • 8-inch RC Telescope
  • ZWO 1600 Mono Camera
  • Filters LRGB

60 seconds per sub


Albox, ALmeria, Spain


IC 410 first light image.

About this image

60 second exposures each:

10 Luminosity, 5 Red, 5 Green, 5 Blue.

I used the SkyX to capture the images but used Luminosity 4 to align and stack and generate a colour image, saved as a TIF file. It was the first time that I had used Luminosity and found it very straightforward to use. 

The details from the plate solved image gave a resolution of 0.48 arc-seconds per pixel and showed that the cameras was only 22 minutes of arc away from North at the top. 

Note that the image is a screen capture of a screen capture to get below the 2MB limit. 

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