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Observation by Kevin Gurney: M101 in Luminance and HA

Uploaded by

Paul Downing, FRAS


Kevin Gurney


2019 Jun 01 - 22:00


2019 Jun 11 - 09:22



Planetarium overlay


Ursa Major

Field centre

RA: 14h03m
Dec: +54°21'
Position angle: -7°49'

Field size

0°24' × 0°19'

  • Celestron 8SE scope
  • ATIK 460EX Mono Camera
  • Baader Planetarium Ha 1.25" 7nm, Baader Planetarium L 1" 1/4 filters

3.1 hours total


French Obsy, Embourie, and Charente, France

Target name

Messier 101


M101 in Luminance and HA

About this image

Kevin comments that this was a test target at new place in France - located "in the middle of nowhere" and with much darker skies than West Sheffield. 

This is luminance and Ha only but Kevin further comments that he is thinking of going back to capture some RGB. 

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