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Observation by Kevin Gurney: The Bubble Nebula in Narrowband

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Kevin Gurney


2019 Jun 17 - 22:00


2019 Jul 13 - 09:25



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 23h20m
Dec: +61°11'
Position angle: -1°47'

Field size

0°19' × 0°22'

  • Celestron 8SE scope
  • ZWO ASI1600MM-Pro Cool camera

Baader Planetarium Ha 1.25" 7nm: 10x300" -20C bin 1x1 Baader Planetarium OIII 1.25" 8.5nm: 10x300" -20C bin 1x1 Baader Planetarium S2 1.25" 8nm: 10x300" -20C bin 1x1


Embourie, Charente, France

Target name

NGC 7635


The Bubble Nebula in Narrowband

About this image
Kevin captured this narrowband image of NGC 7635 (bubble nebula) in France under a reportedly "beautiful clear sky", but a full moon, so narrowband was the only option.
The nominal palette is Ha = red, OIII = blue, SII = Green (although there isn't much at SII to be honest). The eventual colour mix with Ha more 'orangy', occurs to get a good colour balance for stars in Pixinsight. The blue then mixes with this to give a purple(ish) central region where any OII occurs.
Details are:
Bubble Nebula: NGC 7635

17th June 2019

Embourie, Charente, France

Imaging telescope or lens:Celestron 8SE
Imaging camera:ZWO ASI1600MM-Pro Cool
Mount:SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6GT
Focal reducer:ASA 2" Reducer Corrector 0,77
Software:XnView,  Hyperion Prism v10,  PixInsight 1.8 Ripley
Filters:Baader Planetarium S2 1.25" 8nm,  Baader Planetarium Ha 1.25" 7nm,  Baader Planetarium OIII 1.25" 8.5nm
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