Observation by Martin Ratcliffe: Chilean campsite lights July 2 2019

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Martin Ratcliffe


Martin Ratcliffe


2019 Jul 02 - 23:21


2019 Aug 06 - 00:32



  • Canon 6D
  • 14mm Rokinon F2.8

15s, ISO 2000


Vicuña, Chile

Target name

Milky Way, Jupiter, Saturn


Chilean campsite lights July 2 2019

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This is a single frame from a time-lapse sequence and someone with a red flashlight walked though the scene on the evening following the 2019 total solar eclipse, observed from Elqui Valley, Vicuña, Chile. The Milky Way, Jupiter, and Saturn rise in this wide-angle view, showing part of the campground adjacent to mine housing the Virgin Galactic group with guide, Nigel Henbest. Time of observation as recorded on the camera in Chile local time (UT-4)

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