Observation by Peter Anderson: Occultation of Saturn, 12August 2019

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Peter Anderson


Peter Anderson


2019 Aug 11 - 22:15


2020 Aug 16 - 02:04


The Moon

  • Celestron 14 at prime focus. Canon 70D camera video recording Hi Res.

Video record imaged from screen 1/5 sec exposures


Brisbane, Australia

Target name

Moon and Saturn


Occultation of Saturn, 12August 2019

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Four images from the series are shown to demonstrate the progress of the event. (This image has been edited for colour balance and replaces the one previously posted.)

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Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2020 Aug 16 - 17:44 UTC

Have you considered running a white balance on that? Would be interesting to see what it looks like then.

Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson, 2020 Aug 17 - 23:06 UTC

I have tweaked the colour balance on the image a little and re-posted it.  To attempt to answer your question, brightness and contrast were previously all that was adjusted. The contrast is clearly enhanced somewhat. The camera has auto white balance, but the system was corrupted because the relevant section of the image was re-imaged from the LED computer screen as described. This added some bias.  My aim was to produce an informative visual record, specifically accurate as to the timings.

Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson, 2020 Aug 17 - 23:19 UTC

Image adjusted

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