Observation by Clive Nanson: Delphinus and Sagitta

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Clive Nanson


Clive Nanson


2019 Aug 25 - 23:22


2019 Sep 03 - 17:27



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Field centre

RA: 20h14m
Dec: +15°02'
Position angle: +0°00'

Field size

25° × 20°

  • Canon EOS 200D
  • Cannon EF 50mm F1.8 STM
  • Homemade camera drive

F2.8, ISO1600, 60 x 60s (Sge), 30 x 60s (Del)


North West leicestershire

Target name

Delphinus and Sagitta


Delphinus and Sagitta

About this image

I've been wanting to take an image of this area of the sky for a couple of months but whenever I've have had a clear sky, either the moon, the appearance of thin cloud or the dewing-up of the lens have thwarted most attempts, but finally managed to get sufficient subs.  My camera drive only allows the camera to be fitted in one orientation (portrait) so I couldn't get both Delphinus and Sagitta in one frame.  The image is therefore a mosaic of two separate images processed and merged using IRIS.  I managed to get 60 x 60s subs of Sagitta before thin cloud appeared.  It was an hour before I could image Delphinus which by then was rapidly descending into the most light polluted area of my sky and after 30 minutes had started to disappear behind a neighbours tree, so I only managed to get 30 x 60s subs.

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