Observation by Kevin Gurney: The Heart Nebula Region

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Kevin Gurney


2019 Sep 20 - 22:00


2019 Sep 27 - 22:47


The Heart Nebula (IC1805)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 02h31m
Dec: +61°44'
Position angle: -0°12'

Field size

1°54' × 1°30'

  • William Optics Star 71 scope
  • ATIK 460EX Mono camera
  • William Optics 50mm Guide Scope
  • ZWO asi 224 mc guide camera

Baader Planetarium Ha 1.25" 7nm: 62x300" and Baader Planetarium OIII 1.25" 8.5nm: 28x300"


Embourie, Charente, France

Target name

NGC 896


The Heart Nebula Region

About this image

Kevin notes that he was trying to ensure the NGC 896 component of the Heart Nebula was included in this image, which meant he had to truncate the lower portion of IC 1805... Ha and OII filters with synthetic green formed by multiplying these two together. Ha was also used as Luminance.  The Moon was nearly full but was not near the target (and of course narrowband wins).

Dates of capture: Sept. 11, 2019,  Sept. 12, 2019,  Sept. 15, 2019,  Sept. 19, 2019,  Sept. 20, 2019 (7.5 hours total data)

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