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Observation by James Gage: Potsdam 40 inch refractor

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James Gage


2019 Oct 05 - 10:16


2019 Oct 09 - 10:27




Potsdam, Berlin

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Potsdam Refractor


Potsdam 40 inch refractor

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Last weekend's International Meteor Conference included a wonderful visit to see the observatories at Potsdam, Berlin. Now fully restored except for the lenses, this telescope was one of the central role figures in early spectroscopy. Names like Swarzchild, Hartmann, Einstein and others line the walls. I chose to photograph the telescope from an artistic point of view. I highly reccomend a visit!

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Richard Miles
Richard Miles, 2021 Jun 15 - 09:00 UTC

James - Isn't this a double refractor with the larger photographic instrument measuring 31.5 inch aperture and the smaller one is 20 inch and is the one in the photo showing the eyepiece end?

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