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Observation by Loyd Overcash: IC 1396A - The "Elephant's Trunk&qu...

Uploaded by

Paul Downing, FRAS


Loyd Overcash


2019 Oct 20 - 22:00


2019 Oct 25 - 11:34


The Elephant Trunk (IC1396)

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Field centre

RA: 21h36m
Dec: +57°30'
Position angle: -1°13'

Field size

0°27' × 0°18'

  • 14.5 inch RCOS scope
  • SBIG STL-6303 CCD camera

LRGB of 75 mins L and 30 mins colours in 5 min subs


Fort Davis, Texas, USA

Target name

NGC 1396A


IC 1396A - The "Elephant's Trunk" Nebula

About this image

Loyd Overcash lives in Houston, Texas and is a member of the Houston Astronomical Society.  He does his observing and imaging from his second home near Fort Davis, Texas.  The Elephant’s Trunk nebula (IC 1396A), is only a small part of the nebula IC 1396.  This image was taken on 2019-10-20 using a 14.5 inch RCOS and SBIG STL-6303 CCD camera.  It is an LRGB of L=75 min. and 30 min. each RGB all in 5 min. subs.  IC 1396 is a large and comparatively faint emission nebula and star forming region over 100 light-years in diameter, located about 2,400 light-years away in the constellation of Cepheus.

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