Observation by Denis Buczynski: Aurora at Tarbatness

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Denis Buczynski


Denis Buczynski


2019 Oct 30 - 23:39


2019 Oct 31 - 14:35



Planetarium overlay


Ursa Major

Field centre

RA: 13h57m
Dec: +52°48'
Position angle: -0°58'

Field size

75° × 54°

  • Samyang 14mm f/2.8 +Canon 550D

1x30s ISO 6400


Tarbatness Highland Scotland

Target name

Aurora at Tarbatness


Aurora at Tarbatness

About this image

There was a display of aurora seen here last night at Tarbatness 20191030-31. It was first seen as bright diffuse arc on the northern horizon at around 22:15 UT . The arc was bright but noa ctivity could be seen within it. The night was very misty at ground level and this will have masked any visibilty of activity. However the images show show banding and rays along with a fainter broad red diffuse arc above the main green arc. This green arc became very well defined as the display progressed and around 23:30 banding and rays began to show more clearly on the images. The display was still active at around 00:20 when imaging had to stop due to ground fog spoiling the imaging. Image attached from 23:39 when the banding was most definite.

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