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Observation by Trevor Emmett: Young Moon with Jupiter

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Trevor Emmett


Trevor Emmett


2019 Oct 31 - 17:18


2019 Oct 31 - 19:18


The Moon

  • Canon Eos 6D + 500mm f6.3 mirror lens
  • Celestron CPC1100 + f6.3 corrector, Eos 6D and IR block filter

Both at ISO400, mirror lens 1/80s, CPC1100 1/4s


Fenland, Cambridgeshire

Target name

Moon and Jupiter (compilation)


Young Moon with Jupiter

About this image

I bought the Samyang mirror lens to tide me over whilst I refurbished and upgraded my observatory and CPC110. Optically it's a bit 'soft' but clearly isn't well collimated (a common problem with these lenses apparently). There's no obvious way to fix this (though there is a plastic cover on the corrector plate that I'm tempted to lever off...). It has produced some images which should be useable for photometry - watch this space!

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