Observation by Mark Phillips: IC410 Tadpoles nebula in Ha

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Mark Phillips


Mark Phillips


2019 Nov 29 - 22:53


2020 Jan 08 - 16:56



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Field centre

RA: 05h22m
Dec: +33°25'
Position angle: +5°22'

Field size

0°35' × 0°28'

  • 250mm f4.8 Newtonian
  • Atik 460EX @ -15C
  • Baader Ha filter, IDAS P2
  • Capture: APT
  • Processing: APP, Photoshop

10x300s Ha binned 2x2



Target name

IC410 Tadpoles Nebula


IC410 Tadpoles nebula in Ha

About this image

Posting a few of my recent images to start my new Page.

Had a decent run of imaging over the Winter months, better than previous years. Narrowband certainly makes it easier to cut out a lot of LP, skyglow and Moonlight so can image under poorer conditions than might otherwise be the case. Running everything by remote control from inside also makes it nicer to work in colder weather and the motorised dome usually follows correctly. Occasionally the piggyback telescope for guiding gets blocked from the sky and I have to go out to sort it.

Also been working on getting guiding working better at all declinations so that it's easier to image all over the sky rather than just my usual SE corner.

Started using Astro Pixel Processor for processing followed by Photoshop as usual.

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