Observation by Honor Wheeler: Christmas Sunspots

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Honor Wheeler


Honor Wheeler


2019 Dec 25 - 10:46


2019 Dec 25 - 14:35


The Sun

  • Canon EOS 700D
  • Skywatcher ED80 refractor
  • EQ3 Synscan mount

ISO200, 1/800sec


Wilmington, Kent

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Christmas Sunspots

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As the first noticeable sunspots in over a month I couldn't resist, not even on Christmas day! Merry Christmas:)

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Peter Meadows
Peter Meadows, 2019 Dec 26 - 11:17 UTC

Yes indeed it was good to see some sunspots yesterday - the two groups are from the new cycle. The southern group may even be visible for a few days.

Honor Wheeler
Honor Wheeler, 2019 Dec 26 - 19:30 UTC

Hi Peter, I was a bit surprised that both groups were from cycle 25 but I'm not complaining, it was just great to see sunspots and have clear skies long enough to get some images. 

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