Observation by Jimmy Fraser: Purple Sea at Sunset

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Jimmy Fraser


Jimmy Fraser


2019 Dec 31 - 16:04


2020 Jan 02 - 01:23


The Earth

  • Fuji XT3
  • Canon 70-300L

1/250 sec ISO 640 f/8


Cromarty Firth, Scotland.

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Purple Sea at Sunset


Purple Sea at Sunset

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The last sunset of 2019 gave the gift of a purple sea. The pier is at Alness on the Cromarty Firth, Scotland.

Some information on the pier from roavr agency: During WW1 the American Navy took over Dalmore Distillery and used it as a mine base.  The so-called ‘Yankee Pier’ still juts out into the firth.

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Jimmy Fraser
Jimmy Fraser, 2020 Jan 03 - 00:47 UTC

A short youtube video of the sunset can be found here: https://youtu.be/Hvh-Nnl3QJU

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