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Observation by stan armstrong: fireball 6jan2020

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stan armstrong


stan armstrong


2020 Jan 06 - 21:14


2020 Aug 10 - 19:42



  • HIK Security Camera

Possibly 6fps.


Thames Valley

Target name

1st 2020 UK Fireball


fireball 6jan2020

About this image

Noticed the IMO had details of a recorded Event 158-2020   which suggested that one of my cameras may well have recorded what must be the 1st UK Fireball of 2020..H265 Recording issues prevented immediate processing. However as a prelude to Talks I Recorded it slowed by about 2x and magnified a little. Brightness variations are thus seen almost as Breathing. With recent University gearing up for any 'DROPS' I thought possibly useful for Practice Track evaluation?

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