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Observation by Eric Watkins: Best of first meteor video images

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Eric Watkins


Eric Watkins


2020 Jan 18 - 00:24


2020 Jan 20 - 22:46



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 04h42m
Dec: -62°06'
Position angle: +43°03'

Field size

0°08' × 0°07'

  • Watec 902 H2 video camera
  • Lens Computar/Pentax 6mm/0.75
  • Sonota UFO 2.24 capture software

1/30th sec per frame


North Essex

Target name



Best of first meteor video images

About this image

For some time I have been wanting to set up a meteor monitoring station by way of a video camera and  radio back scatter back scatter detection. This is research that can be left collecting data automatically, particularly a radio back scatter system.

With the help of William Stewart I finally have one up and going through the test stages.  During 4 nights I have pointed the camera SW at an elevation of ~ 45 deg I have captured 50 meteors.  The image is the best one to date and shows a meteor passing just below the constellation Gemini. The video is much more appealing.  I would like to go on and analyse each detection for which I will need some guidance.  The hardware for the radio detection is ready, but will need advice on settings.

I now plan to build a small station of 3 or more cameras to include spectroscopy.  This is addictive.


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