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Observation by Les Dickens: M81 ("Bode's nebula")

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Les Dickens


Les Dickens


2020 Jan 18 - 04:45


2020 Feb 15 - 17:34



Planetarium overlay


Ursa Major

Field centre

RA: 09h55m
Dec: +69°04'
Position angle: +93°33'

Field size

0°31' × 0°21'

  • 125mm f/15 Maksutov-cassegrain
  • 200mm f/6 Newtonian
  • QHY9s mono CCD camera
  • Processed with IRIS software

55 x 120s luminance; 7 x 120s each of RGB


Cheltenham, Glos. 51° 53' 01" N, 02° 05' 42" W

Target name

M81 ("Bode's nebula")


M81 ("Bode's nebula")

About this image

Not many clear nights so far,  this winter.  I took the white light images for this over 2 days - one in Dec 2019 and one in Jan 2020 - using a 125mm f/15 Maksutov.  After a week or so waiting for another clear night, I gave up and pinched the RGB frames from a previous session in Mar 2019, taken with a 200mm f/6 Newtonian.  Scaling and realigning the RGB images (~90° difference in alignment) was an entertaining exercise, but it seems to have turned out OK.

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Clive Nanson
Clive Nanson, 2020 Feb 16 - 13:45 UTC

I thought I was the only one still using IRIS!

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