Observation by Mark Phillips: Exoplanet WASP-36b for ExoClock project

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Mark Phillips


Mark Phillips


2020 Jan 18 - 21:56


2020 Jan 21 - 22:08



  • 250mm f4.8 OO Newtonian
  • Atik 460EX @-15C
  • Baader R filter, bin 2x2
  • Capture: APT
  • Processing: HOPS 2.51

58x180s, darks, flats, bias


Edinburgh, UK

Target name



Exoplanet WASP-36b for ExoClock project

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Still some work to do to improve the quality of my data and techniques. In future uploads will show BAA Exoplanet Division affiliation as well as Astronomical Society of Edinburgh.

This observation showed that if you choose a saturated (>65000) comparison star (which you obviously shouldn't anyway) then it crashes the HOPS software at the photometry stage. That will get improved I'm sure.

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Philip Masding
Philip Masding, 2020 Jan 24 - 11:45 UTC

Hello Mark, Nice observation! I've done a couple of exoplanet observations and processed them with AstroImagej but HOPS looks good. Trouble is I'm having difficulty with its installation. I install Anaconda and then when I click on the HOPS windows installer it fails with a message saying: The ordinal 242 could not be found in the dynamic link library. Did you have any trouble with installation. 



Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips, 2020 Jan 24 - 15:48 UTC

Yes - I had the same problems installing HOPS too. It's not a HOPS problem as such but an Anaconda one.
After digging around in various forums for a while I found a solution that worked.
In the Windows/system32 directory find a file: libiomp5md.dll
Try renaming it to libiomp5md.dll.bak

I believe it is a file installed by other software which conflicts with Anaconda (not HOPS).
Sorted it for me. Hope it does for you too.

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