Observation by Nik Szymanek: The Large Magellanic Cloud

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Nik Szymanek


2020 Feb 27 - 23:14


2020 Feb 29 - 10:32


The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC)

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Field centre

RA: 05h20m
Dec: -69°07'
Position angle: -179°05'

Field size

5°20' × 5°19'

  • Takahashi FSQ-106ED 106mm refractor
  • FLI PL16803 CCD camera 4096 x 4096 pixels
  • Astrodon LRGB filters

L: 4 x4 50s, RGB: 3 x 45s per filter


Heaven's Mirror Observatory, Australia

Target name

Large Magellanic Cloud


The Large Magellanic Cloud

About this image

During a recent visit to Australia your editor had an opportunity to observe the southern skies and was able to see both the small and large Magellanic clouds in all their glory.  This nice image of the LMC was taken by Nik using the remote Telescope Live AUS-2 refractor, in NSW Australia.

The LMC is a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way and at a distance of 163,000 light years is the second or third closest galaxy to us.  With a diameter of 14,000 light years it is the fourth largest member of the local group of galaxies.  It's a "sort-of" barred spiral as the bar is off-centre, most likely as a result of gravitational interactions with the Small Magellanic Cloud and the Milky Way.

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