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Peter Anderson


Peter Anderson


2020 Apr 16 - 00:30


2020 Apr 18 - 00:28


The Wishing Well Cluster (NGC3532)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 11h04m
Dec: -58°40'
Position angle: -84°51'

Field size

1°42' × 1°08'

  • 150 mm F8 Skywatcher ED

30 secs X2, 2000 ISO


Brisbane, Australia

Target name

Open Cluster NGC 3532


Testing 150mm F8 Skywatcher ED - Open Cluster NGC 3532

About this image

The purpose of the exercise was to test the performance of the Skywatcher ED using a full 35mm frame  camera. The Camera used was a Canon 5D Mark II. This is a heavy unit and there was some 'sag' in the focusser. It was not helped by the fact that for the objects imaged, the long axis of the sensor was near vertical. (The focusser need to be more securely clamped in future - probably simply by tightening the focus lock.) This 'sag' resulted in the image losing its fine focus particularly on the extreme right of the frame.

The camera adaptor supplied with the instrument attaches securely and was most satisfactory - even allowing for rotation of the camera.

An examination of the images reveals that there is no appreciably vignetting, even in the corners.  The image remains in focus across the image except for the extreme long axis sides, and of course the corners. This is a very fine measurement and the image above reveals only a hint of this loss of sharpness. (If any reader is interested I can supply further images.)

My usual camera is a Canon 70D - much easier to operate in these circumstances with an articulated touch screen, and the smaller ASP-C sensor. There is absolutely no discernable drop off in fine focus using a sensor of that size.

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