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Observation by Neil Morrison: Comet Atlas The Ghost of

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Neil Morrison


Neil Morrison


2020 Apr 19 - 20:19


2020 Apr 20 - 19:31


C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 06h03m
Dec: +64°31'
Position angle: +63°02'

Field size

1°04' × 0°43'

  • 90mm F 5.5 Star Sky refractor
  • Sony 65a SLT
  • Super Polaris Mount
  • Orion Field Tripod

25 Sec in noise suppression stacking Mode ISO 3200


Crawley West Sussex

Target name

Comet Atlas c/2019Y4


Comet Atlas The Ghost of

About this image

Cropped image of  Comet Atlas  imaged in  blustery conditions . Nothing  could be seen in 9x50 Finder  but using live view  and Camera in Noise reduction  mode the Star field  came  into view.  Earlier in the  day I had down loaded the  finder chart  on the Dutch Side  found through the  link on the Comet  Section pages.  This gives  Star  to  +11.5  Uranometria only  shows +9.5 .   after exposure   a failnt  smudge   could be imagined  in about the  correct place.  Result attached

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