Observation by Clive Nanson: 4 Messier galaxies in Canes Venatici, #1...

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Clive Nanson


Clive Nanson


2020 Apr 19 - 22:54


2020 May 26 - 17:25


The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)

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Canes Venatici

Field centre

RA: 13h29m
Dec: +47°00'
Position angle: -0°35'

Field size

0°49' × 1°13'

  • Canon EOS 200D
  • Canon EF 400mm F5.6 USM
  • Sky-Watcher EQM-35 mount

80 x 180s at F5.6, ISO1600


North West Leicestershire

Target name



4 Messier galaxies in Canes Venatici, #1, M51

About this image

Canes Venatici contains 5 Messier objects, 4 galaxies and 1 globular cluster.  During the extended clear period in April, I managed to capture the 4 galaxies.  This is the first of the 4.  All 4 images are 4 hour (80 x 180s) integrations taken with a Canon 200D and 400mm F5.6 lens at ISO1600 on a SW EQM35 mount, and all have an identical FOV of 48 x 72 arc minutes to allow visual comparison of the size of each galaxy.  Guiding was with PHD2, the images stacked using DSS and processed using IRIS and Starnet.

M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, was captured on 19th April and was previously posted but has been reprocessed with the FOV the same as the other 3 galaxy images.  The image also includes elliptical NGC5198 (mag 11.7) at lower left, spiral NGC5169 (mag 13.6) and elliptical NGC5173 (mag 12.2) at lower right, and spiral IC4263 (mag 14.5) at centre right.  A few other faint ‘smudges’ down to mag 16.5 are also visible.

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