Observation by Geof Lewis: Messier 51a and NGC 5195

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Geof Lewis


2020 May 02 - 11:12


2020 May 02 - 11:18


Messier 51B (NGC5195)
The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)

Planetarium overlay


Canes Venatici

Field centre

RA: 13h29m
Dec: +47°12'
Position angle: +90°59'

Field size

0°22' × 0°17'

  • C14 XLT scope
  • QSI583wsg-5 camera
  • Optec x0.67 telecompressor

RGB=24x300s each; L=36x600s; Ha=11x900s


Norfolk, UK

Target name

Messier 51


Messier 51a and NGC 5195

About this image

Geof Lewis recently sent me a number of excellent Messier images which he has been working on during the recent spell of fine weather in the UK.  I was particularly impressed by this image of the interacting galaxies comprising Messier 51, as Geof has brought out very well the various areas of plasma surrounding the galaxies 

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