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Observation by Nick Evetts 20LUN: C/2017 T2 Panstaars

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Nick Evetts 2(E)0LUN


Nick Evetts 20LUN


2020 May 05 - 21:17


2020 May 08 - 22:40



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Field centre

RA: 07h12m
Dec: +76°14'
Position angle: -2°50'

Field size

1°46' × 1°11'

  • CDK17 (Corrected Dall-Kirkham) f/6.8
  • FLI PL16803 CCD

5 mins


Slooh Canary Islands Observatory Observatory code G40

Target name

C/2017 T2 Panstaars


C/2017 T2 Panstaars

About this image

Manufacturer: PlaneWave Instruments

Model: CDK17 (Corrected Dall-Kirkham)

Aperture: 17" (432mm)

Focal Length: 2938mm (115.71")

Nominal Focal Ratio: f/6.8

Slooh Designation Code: T2-WF-432

CCD Camera Specification

Manufacturer: Finger Lake Instruments

Model: FLI PL16803

CCD Chip: Kodak KAF-16803

Resolution: 4096×4096 (at Binning 1×1)

Pixel Size: 9×9µm

Sensor Size: 36.864×36.864mm

Peak QE: 60% at 550nm

Anti-Blooming: >100x saturation exposure

Camera Filter Specification

Manufacturer: Astrodon Tru-Balance Generation II E-Series

Filter Types: Luminance, Red, Green, Blue, Ha 

Manufacturer: Finger Lake Instruments Research Grade

Filter Types: U-Band (Bessel) I-Band (Bessel)

Image Specification

Image Scale: 0.63 arcseconds/pixel (binned 1×1)

North Angle: 0° (North-Up, East-Left)

Angular Size: 0° 43' 00" x 0° 43' 00" (Field-Of-View)

Resolution: Binning 1×1: 4096x4096 Binning 2×2: 2048x2048 Binning 3×3: 1365x1365

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