Observation by Andrew Jeffries: M51

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Mr Andrew Jeffries


Andrew Jeffries


2020 May 20 - 22:30


2020 Jun 08 - 20:49


The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)

Planetarium overlay


Canes Venatici

Field centre

RA: 13h29m
Dec: +47°11'
Position angle: -83°11'

Field size

1°24' × 0°56'

  • Skywatcher explorer 200p
  • HEQ5 pro mount
  • Canon Eos 550D
  • Stellarmate device

40x30s lights 20x30s darks, flats and bias frames


South East Wales

Target name




About this image

Lockdown and clear skies.  So I gave this DSO a try, having shot it some three or so years ago.  There are a total of seven galaxies in the image.  This is the second image I have shot with considerably more lights than previously and is as a result of having a reliable system to work with.  The results have proved the point to me of taking so many lights.  Whilst shooting a meridian flip was necessary and I forgot all about it when I processed the image but DSS seems to have sorted it out ok.

Processing was via DSS then Gimp and finally Photoshop elements.

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