Observation by Clive Nanson: Moon 29-05-20

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Clive Nanson


2020 May 29 - 21:00


2020 May 30 - 15:39


The Moon

  • Canon EOS 200D
  • Canon EF 400mm F5.6 USM
  • Canon EF 2X III
  • Sky-Watcher EQM-35 mount

120 x 1/125s, F16, ISO400


North West Leicestershire

Target name

Moon 29-05-20


Moon 29-05-20

About this image

Had set up intending to try to capture the close pass of ISS to the Moon (~0.8 degree) from my location at the 21:24 pass.  Unfortunately, having had an early start that morning, I fell asleep only to wake up 10 minutes after the event.

120 exposures RAW decoded and cropped using PIPP, then stacked and processed using IRIS.  Quite pleased with the result given that it was taken with what is effectively a 50mm F16 refractor.

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