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Observation by James Dawson: Dwarf Nova PQ Andromedae

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James Dawson


James Dawson


2020 May 30 - 00:27


2020 May 31 - 11:08

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Field centre

RA: 02h29m
Dec: +40°07'
Position angle: -33°04'

Field size

0°41' × 0°27'

  • Canon 6D
  • Celestron C11
  • AZEQ6

ISO 800, 10 second exposure, prime focus



Target name

Dwarf Nova PQ Andromedae


Dwarf Nova PQ Andromedae

About this image

Once I've worked out how to convert a Canon RAW CR2 file to a FIT file I'll submit this and some others I took that morning to Jeremy at the VSS. The bright star to the left of the image is HIP 11682 (SAO 55614, HD 15473). The field of view is about 45' by 30'. I've never done a visual estimation of a magnitude before, but looking at other stars in the FoV on the images, I would say I think PQ And was magnitude 10.5 when I took my image; but take this accuracy with a pinch of salt.

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