Observation by Andrew Smith: HOYS MWSC 3274

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Andrew Smith


Andrew Smith


2020 Jun 15 - 00:00


2020 Jun 16 - 12:01

  • ODK 16
  • ULSpec Spectrograph
  • V Filter



Castillejar Spain

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MWSC 3274



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Following a talk by Dirk Froebrich on HOYS to the Chester Asto Soc I have added one of his fields to my schedule.

It fits in well with my lazy astronomer ethos as the HOYS site does all the hard work. Here is the results of the data collected 14th/15th June. 

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Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips, 2020 Jun 19 - 10:54 UTC

Looks like good data! I've been part of the HOYS project for quite a while too and love being part of it. I don't know if you've already done it but you can increase the Max Use value (set it to at least 19) so that all the data points to the right of the green line on the bottom graph can be used too. There's a lot more in there.

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, 2020 Jun 19 - 17:18 UTC

Will look at that. Regards Andrew 

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