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Observation by Graeme Coates: Sh2-86/87, NGC6823 in Vulpecula

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Graeme Coates


Graeme Coates


2020 Jun 30 - 23:00


2020 Jul 03 - 16:13


Sharpless 87

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 19h44m
Dec: +23°44'
Position angle: -94°28'

Field size

2°30' × 1°53'

  • Skywatcher Esprit ED80
  • SBIG STF8300
  • MI-250

18.1hrs combined



Target name

NGC6823, Sh2-86, Sh2-87


Sh2-86/87, NGC6823 in Vulpecula

About this image

In Vulpecula, not far to the west of M27, The Dumbell Nebula, lies a large area of hydrogen emission catalogued as Sh2-86 is located around the open cluster NGC6823.

To the north east (bottom left) is the smaller fainter area of hydrogen Sh2-87, while filamentary structure to the bottom left of the frame can just be seen, which was catalogued in 1976 as Du 27 by R. Dubout-Crillon. Within SH2-86 itself is the small yellowish reflection nebula NGC6820, which is small but visible on this scale.

RGB = 2h40:2h50:3h20
Ha = 9h15

Image Acquisition: Paul Tribe and Graeme Coates

Processing: Graeme Coates

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