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Observation by Peter Goodhew: PaGo 2 (Patchick-Goodhew 2)

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Paul Downing, FRAS


Peter Goodhew


2020 Jul 24 - 22:00


2020 Jul 25 - 10:22

  • APM TMB 152 LZOS Refractors
  • 10Micron GM2000 HPS mount
  • QSI6120wsg8 camera

Ha 18x1800" bin 4x4 Blue 18x300" Green 22x300" Lum 24x300" OIII 22x1800" bin 4x4 Red 22x300" Total Integration: 27.2 hours


Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain

Target name

PaGo 2 (Patchick-Goodhew 2)


PaGo 2 (Patchick-Goodhew 2)

About this image

This is a newly-discovered nebula in Hercules and is a potential planetary nebula.  Peter hopes to obtain a spectrum soon that will help in confirming that it is.

Dana Patchick originally spotted some faint nebulosity on a POSS (Palomar Observatory Sky Survey) plate back on 14 January 2016, but never got around to getting someone to capture an image of it. So he asked Peter if he would give it a shot. Here's the result, with a small bright blue star at the centre of the image - a promising CSPN (Central Star of a Planetary Nebula). The star is magnitude 17.12, has a temperature of 40,338.5K, and a stellar mass of 0.41.

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