Observation by Callum Scott Wingrove: Iris Nebula

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Callum Scott Wingrove


Callum Scott Wingrove


2020 Jul 30 - 10:00


2020 Aug 01 - 12:36


The Iris Nebula (NGC7023)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 21h00m
Dec: +68°27'
Position angle: -10°04'

Field size

3°45' × 2°31'

  • William Optics RedCat51
  • SkyGuider Pro Mount
  • ASI294MC Pro
  • IDAS NGS1 Filter

75 x 180s


Stanmore, Greater London (Bortle 8)

Target name

Iris Nebula


Iris Nebula

About this image

Probably unwise to shoot a broadband target with the Moon being quite bright but thought I'd give it a go. Even with almost 4 hours of data this is probably one to return to when full astronomical darkness returns.

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Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow, 2020 Aug 01 - 14:29 UTC

That's a really nice image Callum.  I see you've also captured Gyulbudaghian's nebula at the right of the frame.  Shows how small it is! I'm certainly interested to see what you get in a dark sky...


Callum Scott Wingrove
Callum Scott Wingrove, 2020 Aug 01 - 15:04 UTC

Thanks Mike for the compliment and for pointing it out.  I hadn't spotted it and had to go back to the raw data to check it wasn't an artefact of the processing but it is indeed there.  Hoping to be under Bortle 4 skies in a couple of weeks.  If its clear I'll grab some more data.

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