Observation by Paul Leyland: A possible detection of Thebe (Jupiter X...

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Paul Leyland


Paul Leyland


2020 Aug 05 - 21:25


2020 Aug 06 - 17:55



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20s and 62x5s stacked on predicted motion of Thebe


Tacande Observatory, MPC J22

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Thebe (Jupiter XIV)


A possible detection of Thebe (Jupiter XIV)

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Please read https://britastro.org/node/23658 for details on this observation

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Paul Leyland
Paul Leyland, 2020 Sep 09 - 13:55 UTC

At the urging of Mark Kidger, I fought Astrometrica into submission to measure a position for Thebe.

At 22:24:23 UT Thebe was measured to be at 19:23:44.099 -22:25:14.62 with a formal error of 0.09 arcsec in each coordinate. The systematic errors arising from the difficulty of placing the centroid by eye are probably 2 or 3 times that.

There is no significant difference from the position predicted by the JPL.

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