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Observation by Tony Vale: Full cycle of W Uma type eclipsing binar...

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Tony Vale


Tony Vale


2020 Aug 21 - 14:21


2020 Aug 21 - 14:21



  • 4" short focus refractor
  • Canon 600D DSLR

Each data point is 320s total integration time at ISO200



Target name

SW Lac


Full cycle of W Uma type eclipsing binary SW lac

About this image

The Phase diagram includes data from sequences obtained on two nights, 3rd to 4th August 2020 and 6th to 7th August. The period is less than 8 hours so these observations were sufficient to almost cover the entire cycle - the first time I have succeeded in doing this. Timings of both primary and secondary minima were obtained and submitted to the Mt Suhora Observatory website of Krakow university. 

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