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Observation by Alan Snook: Refurbishing the 3.5m dome - cleaning

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Alan Snook


Alan Snook


2020 Aug 30 - 11:49


2020 Aug 30 - 12:00




Refurbishing the 3.5m dome - cleaning

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With the civil engineering done attention now turns to getting the dome itself ready for re-assembly. All the dome panels are caked in grime after years of neglect. Pressure washing made no impression so I purchased some pricey boat cleaner which is supposed to shift all manner of filth. It barely touched it. Responding to the profanities, 'Her Indoors' asked "Have you tried CIF?"  CIF shifts the grime, no argument. Yes, it is abrasive but I will be painting the dome to change the colour, so not an issue. Unfortunately the grime was concealing minor panel damage, spider cracks, bullseye cracks, see next post.

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