Observation by Callum Scott Wingrove: Cocoon Nebula (IC 5146)

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Callum Scott Wingrove


Callum Scott Wingrove


2020 Aug 31 - 22:30


2020 Sep 05 - 14:31


The Cocoon Nebula (IC5146)

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Field centre

RA: 21h50m
Dec: +47°24'
Position angle: +177°09'

Field size

1°46' × 1°20'

  • Skywatcher Evostar 80ED
  • Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro
  • ASI1600MM Pro
  • ZWO filters
  • 0.85 Focal Reducer

Field of View: 1.77 x 1.34 deg; 525mm Focal Length; 40 x 180s Ha, 40 x 30s RGB, 40 x 15s L


Stanmore, Greater London (Bortle 8)

Target name

Cocoon Nebula (IC 5146)


Cocoon Nebula (IC 5146)

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Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow, 2020 Sep 06 - 06:38 UTC

Hi Callum,

Another stunning image (from London!) but can I ask the same question again...how big is the field of view?

It would be really useful if anyone submitting images of deep sky objects could put a scale on them.  And for the more obscure or less well known objects a location and/or catalogue designation, i.e. NGC, IC etc.

Thanks, Mike.

Callum Scott Wingrove
Callum Scott Wingrove, 2020 Sep 07 - 10:23 UTC

Hi Mike - Have added this in the exposure settings and added the catalogue ID. 

Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow, 2020 Sep 07 - 15:33 UTC

Thanks Callum.  Good idea to put details in the "About this observation" box,


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