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Observation by Graeme Coates: VdB 123 and Dark Clouds in Serpens

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Graeme Coates


Graeme Coates


2020 Aug 31 - 23:00


2020 Sep 02 - 14:15


Sharpless 68

Planetarium overlay


Serpens Cauda

Field centre

RA: 18h28m
Dec: +00°27'
Position angle: -4°39'

Field size

1°51' × 2°27'

  • Skywatcher Esprit ED80
  • SBIG STF8300
  • MI-250

19.8hrs combined LRGB



Target name

Serpens Nebula, VdB 123, SH2-68


VdB 123 and Dark Clouds in Serpens

About this image

An interesting region in Serpens straddling the celestial equator, this field encompasses the Serpens Molecular cloud, within which the Serpens Reflection Nebula (GN 18.24.7) is shown in visible light with an interesting yellow hue.

Visible here are nebulae including GN (LBN98 - faint blue ref neb top left), VdB 123 to the left of the Serpens Nebula, Bernes [B77] 11 to the south of the Serpens Nebula. On the very right of the frame, the planetary nebula Sh2-68 (LBN96) is present with a contrasting red/blue hue from HA/[OIII] emission.

Further faint dust and dark lanes extend south, and many Young Stellar and Herbig Haro objects may be found throughout this area.

L: 10h
R: 2h50m
G: 4h
B: 3h

Captured July-Aug 2020 from EEYE in Spain.

Capture: Paul Tribe, Graeme Coates
Processing: Graeme Coates

EDIT: Better version uploaded.

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