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Observation by Eric Walker: Mare Crisium Region of the Moon

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Eric Walker


Eric Walker


2020 Nov 02 - 23:00


2020 Nov 03 - 12:55


The Moon

  • Celestron 11" SCT
  • 2x Barlow lens
  • ZWO ASI071MC Pro astro-camera
  • SharpCap capture software
  • PIPP, Autostakkert, Photoshop processing software

45ms, 237 of 2378 frames selected


Beinn View Observatory, Conon Bridge, Scottish Highlands

Target name

Moon - Mare Crisium Region


Mare Crisium Region of the Moon

About this image

Mare Crisium region of the Moon last night (02.11.2020) at 11pm.

Moon is 95% illuminated at this waning gibbous phase (17 days old).

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