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Observation by Alan Thomas: Mars with a mobile phone

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Alan Thomas


Alan Thomas


2020 Dec 07 - 17:41


2020 Dec 07 - 18:59



  • SkyWatcher 200mm Dob
  • Samsung S5

f/2.2, 1/17 sec. ISO 100


Norbreck Observatory, Warrington, Cheshire, UK

Target name



Mars with a mobile phone

About this image

Faint signs of detail despite some murk in the air and a location immediately above my neighbour's roof.

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Peter Mulligan
Peter Mulligan, 2020 Dec 08 - 19:16 UTC

Hi Alan

When you zoom in on the image you can make out Syrtis major on the Martian meridian not bad for a mobile phone!

Alan Thomas
Alan Thomas, 2020 Dec 09 - 07:52 UTC

Hi Peter

Yes I'd like to think so. Nice to get independent verification. I think I may be getting near the limits now - with an undriven Dob, when I put a delay on the camera to allow shake to settle, the image is moving so fast at this magnification (c.x260) that it often disappears from the field before the shot is taken! It's a bit like trying to swat a fly. May try with my little Mak-Cas next time. Still, it all keeps me out of mischief.