Observation by Dominic Ford: Pi Gazing camera

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Dominic Ford


Dominic Ford


2020 Feb 03 - 23:42


2020 Feb 03 - 23:42



  • Pi Gazing
  • Raspberry Pi Model 4 B
  • Watec 902H2 Ultimate
  • Easycap USB video digitiser


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Pi Gazing camera


Pi Gazing camera

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I've recently started work trying to revive my project to build a camera using a Raspberry Pi computer.

Previously I called the project Meteor Pi, but unfortunately that name has since been taken by an unrelated software project, and so I've decided to rename my code Pi Gazing. The new name also reflects that fact that my cameras do quite a lot besides observing meteors - they also monitor sky clarity and take still images of the sky.

This is the hardware I'm currently using - all fitting within a CCTV enclosure and powered via power-over-ethernet.

All of the observations will soon start appearing here: https://pigazing.dcford.org.uk/

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