Observation by Dominic Ford: Noctilucent cloud

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Dominic Ford


Dominic Ford


2018 Jul 14 - 00:24


2018 Jul 14 - 00:24


Noctilucent cloud

  • Canon EOS 750D

30 sec @ ISO 100


Lund, Sweden

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Noctilucent cloud

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Lots of fine structure in this evening's display of noctilucent cloud (NLC).

I tried making a time-lapse video and was torn between ISO 100 / 30 sec exposures, or ISO 200 / 13 sec exposures.

I went with ISO 100, which was a bit of a rooky error. The clouds were moving fast enough that they were blurred in the 30-sec exposures, and the test shot I took at ISO 200 is the best of the bunch.

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