Observation by Manolo Rodriguez: Neptune

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Manolo Rodriguez


2020 Oct 13 - 22:29


2020 Dec 17 - 23:42



  • C11 XLT on AZ-EQ6 GT mount - ZWO ASI 290MM camera - Baader RG610nm filter - TeleVue Powermate x2 - 2"

3 x 10 min videos - 40ms shutter


El Pedroso, Seville, Spain



About this image

I put a couple of images of Neptune from the past 2020 season that I have reprocessed. We cannot extract details or characteristics from them in a reliable way. The times I have tried to tackle the capture of this difficult target I have not had much luck, this requires a lot of seeing quality, something that has not happened. Maybe next time.

Many of the technical details of the observation are contained in the images themselves. Regarding the native size obtained by the planet from the telecope-camera-barlow set used, the image has a magnification of 150% (by drizzle)

The position (not true image, only spot, up-left) in both images of their moon Triton (forcing brightness and contrast the raw stacked images from AS! 3) was used for the calibration of the images and their subsequent de-rotation in WinJupos.

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