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Observation by Manolo Rodriguez: From Vallis Rheita to Maurolycus

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Manolo Rodriguez


Manolo Rodriguez


2016 Jun 11 - 21:05


2021 Jan 07 - 00:44


The Moon

  • C11 XLT on SW AZ-EQ6 GT mount - ZWO ASI 174MM camera - Baader IR685 longpass filter - Baader QT barlow x1.5

3.00ms, 200 Gain, 1000/2500 frames stacked


El Pedroso, Seville, Spain


From Vallis Rheita to Maurolycus

About this image

I have reprocessed some old captures that had not been published and that at the time I only shared with Maurice Collins, now I want to do it here. I like how it has turned out to be somewhat more illuminated. The dramatic contrast of the terminator and the sharp details are worth seeing in full size. It is a mosaic cut out of two different planes

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Manolo Rodriguez
Manolo Rodriguez, 2021 Jan 12 - 07:56 UTC

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