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Observation by Neil Morrison: Mars & Uranus

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Neil Morrison


Neil Morrison


2021 Jan 25 - 20:10


2021 Jan 28 - 16:50



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Field centre

RA: 02h22m
Dec: +13°53'
Position angle: -0°48'

Field size

7°14' × 9°41'

  • Sony Slt 65a 70-300mm Zoom Skywatcher Star adventurer

3 Frames |Stacked 15 sec F 4.5 at ISO 800


Crawley West Sussex

Target name

Mars & Uranus close approach


Mars & Uranus

About this image

25th January  first clear night in a long  run of  poor  weather.  After all the  publicity over the  conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn  Mars and Neptune  being  fairly close escaped attention.   Conditions were  as usual here in the Gatwick hollow Haze forms at the  slightest  drop in temperature . Dew point and  air temperature  are  usually only separated  by  one or two  degrees C  on  still nights. The Moon was also relatively close to the  field of  view.   Contemplated using  either a 200mm F 4.00 Minolta Rokkor  lens  of  some antiquity  where  the infinity stop is  accurate or  a slightly  less ancient  75.300 AF Zoom .  Settled for the Zoom and trusted that its native infinity  parking  mode was accurate. It was  question of press and pray as regard to  the exposure  settings  before the haze and Light pollution overwhelmed the  image.

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Neil Morrison
Neil Morrison, 2021 Jan 28 - 16:55 UTC

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