Observation by Peter Anderson: Comparison Canon 300D 6MP, 70D 20MP, 90D...

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Peter Anderson


Peter Anderson


2021 Jan 15 - 16:05


2021 Feb 17 - 06:05


The Orion Nebula (M42)

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 05h46m
Dec: -05°24'
Position angle: -179°26'

Field size

8° × 3°

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See text below


Brisbane Australia

Target name

Orion Nebula


Comparison Canon 300D 6MP, 70D 20MP, 90D 32MP

About this image

Recently I decided to perform an experiment comparing the 300D, 70D and 90D and this is the purpose of this article. All three cameras have the same size CMOS sensor. For the experiment I would use the same ISO, F stop, and exposure and take the images consecutively. I would initially use the high resolution (but inexpensive) Canon 50mm F1.8 lens stopped down to F4 for better performance to image the constellation of Orion at 1600 ISO using the three cameras at the same exposure length. Upon commencing this exercise the 300D decided it would only operate at F5.6 on the ‘manual’ setting so I gave it twice the exposure length to compensate. These images were taken on 15th January 2021

When this was completed, I grossly enlarged the small section of each image surrounding the Orion nebula so that direct comparisons could be made.

300D 1600ISO and 30secs at F5.6. 70D and 90D  1600 ISO and 15 secs at F4 (average of images - 10hrs 30min UT.)

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