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Observation by David Strange: 99942 Apophis

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David Strange


David Strange


2021 Feb 28 - 00:05


2021 Feb 28 - 14:12


99942 Apophis

  • Celestron 9
  • ASI533MC



Salcombe Regis, East Devon

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99942 Apophis

About this image

Despite the bright Moon I was able to catch Apophis as a short streak in 6 x30 sec exposures thro C9 last night. Series of 6 x 30 stacked images  taken 5 minutes apart showed the clear path of the asteroid. Apophis is a near Earth asteroid with a diameter of 370 metres. It was discovered in 2004 when initial observations showed a 2.7% chance that it would hit the Earth on April 13th 2029 - my 76th birthday (If I make it that far!). It makes a close approach to earth on March 5th.

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