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Observation by James Weightman: Lunar Halo

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James Weightman


James Weightman


2021 Mar 24 - 22:00


2021 Mar 25 - 07:36


The Moon

  • Canon EOS RP camera + 15mm Sigma lens + Tripod

8 secs, f/3.5 ISO 1000


Cirencester, Glos, UK

Target name

Moon & Clouds


Lunar Halo

About this image

Admittedly meteorology rather than astronomy, light from the bright gibbous Moon refracted by hexagonal prism ice crystals in Cirrostratus clouds (otherwise a nuisance!) caused this striking halo - its reddish inner edge noted. Its diameter could be roughly estimated from the angular distance between Regulus on the left to Castor on the right - 40.6 degrees. This ties in reasonably with the theoretical radius of 22 degrees.

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