Observation by Robin Leadbeater: Spectrum of SN 2021hem - A "Hostles...

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Robin Leadbeater


Robin Leadbeater


2021 Apr 03 - 00:22


2021 Apr 04 - 12:31



  • ALPY 200 spectrograph
  • ATIK 428 camera
  • Celestron C11

12x 600 sec


Wigton Cumbria

Target name

SN 2021hem


Spectrum of SN 2021hem - A "Hostless" Supernova ?

About this image

SN 2021hem was discovered by the Zwicky Transient Facility on 24th March 2021 and confirmed as a type Ia supernova on 1st April 2021. At the time of this observation it was g mag 17 and rising. The spectrum matches a type Ia supernova confirming the original classification, though the best fit  from SNID is to peculiar type Ia SN 2006gz.

The supernova appears to be hostless with the nearest visible candidate host galaxy, LEDA 57905 several arc minutes away. (There are two faint SDSS galaxies closer but the redshifts of these are much higher than the estimated redshift of the supernova from the spectrum)

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